Dine and Drink

Kleinplasie Bistro Restaurant

The Kleinplasie Bistro is situated in a historical building – the oldest Drostdy in Worcester! The Bistro serves appetizing traditional food with our filled roosterkoeke as favourites on the menu. The roosterkoeke are prepared right in front of the bistro on open fire and is served with mouth-watering, creative fillings.

Sweet Lane Coffee Shop

Kleinplasie Worcester’s coffee shop, Sweet Lane, sells freshly brewed Coffee and a wide selections of tea. Come and enjoy our sweet and savoury treats. The spacious Coffee shop can also be used for informal meetings and business meetings. Sweet Lane Coffee Shop also has a play park and animal touch farm where children can get the opportunity to interact with farm animals and play with a variety of toys.


Come and enjoy a big glass at Kleinplasie’s Pub & Grill! The sociable atmosphere in the Pub & Grill will make you feel right at home.